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They can also request an extension if they need it.

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IRS recalled this Tuesday that People living and working abroad have until Wednesday, July 15 to file their tax returns federal 2019.

The extension of the term for these taxpayers, who normally have until July 15, was included among the measures that the federal agency announced in early April to give more margin to people affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Therefore, any citizen living and working abroad, nonresident aliens, and foreign entities that have to declare or pay in the United States now have until July 15 to file your 2019 federal tax return and pay what they must, as announced by the IRS in a statement.

Individuals who need time beyond July 15 may request a tax filing extension until October 15. They can do it with form 4868 or send an “electronic payment with direct payment, electronic payment system of federal taxes or through debit options, credit card or digital wallet and selecting Form 4868 or extension as the type of payment”, according to own agency points. Businesses have Form 7004 for the same purpose.

The members of the Armed Forces are eligible for an additional extension of at least 180 days if they are in a combat zone or serve outside the United States and away from their permanent duty station.