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According to his representative “Every European football team knows who José Juan Macías is”

Liga MX is over, there will be no champion and with it one less chance for Chivas to get the title. His millionaire investments could not be reflected on the court and It happened again at night, without pain or glory at Clausura 2020.

But the end of the tournament does not only mean this for the herd, also that it could have been the passing of JJ Macías, one of his great promises, is too fleeting since there are several teams in Europe that according to their representative Alan Baron “They are in love with him.”

JJ is followed by scouts from all over the world. However, the indicated opportunity has not yet come:

“He has all the scouts in love. It would be easy to start dropping names and it would be in all the newspapers. What I can tell you is that in the seven most important leagues in Europe there is at least one team in the top 5 that has followed him in depth and who has shown interest. At least one, but in most more than one; every European football team knows who José Juan Macías is ” finished.

Baron also assured that If your future star plays in Mexico and Chivas, it is because he wants to:

“José Juan is in Chivas because he wanted to be there. We had offers from many sides, not only from Europe, to make a short story Even from Brazil they have looked for us and he has always had the vision of the sports project. ANDHe wants to be the best player in the world and He believes he can be the best player in the world and I also think he can be “ Baron said.