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But he still lacks enough delegates to secure the nomination of the Democratic Party

Biden won in the Hawaii primary.


Joe Biden he won the Hawaii Democratic primary, picking up 16 delegates, according to reports from the Hawaii Democratic Party, cited by various national media.

Biden, who is in fact the Democratic presidential candidate, now has a total of 1,531 delegates, still below the 1,991 required to obtain the nomination.

Bernie Sanders won 8 delegates.

Former Vice President Biden managed to garner 63% of the vote, while Senator Bernie Sanders, who retired and later endorsed his rival, garnered 37%.

The Hawaii primaries were initially scheduled for April 4 with in-person voting, but were completely changed to mail-in voting and were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Several states have not held the primaries yet, and more than 600 delegates will be up for grabs on June 2.