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In an extensive television interview, Américo Garza told why his little ones “are not allowed” to live with their maternal family

In a recent interview for Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the controversial ex-husband of the deceased Karla Luna finally told on national television his reasons for limit the contact your children have with their maternal family.

And it is that, in the words of the same Americo Garza, they were the first to they wanted to take custody of him by forcing him to sign some papers just a few days after the death of the mother of her children.

“Yes, they have seen them twice at the state center but it is not my fault. When Karla died I spoke to her sister to find out if it was true that she had died, since I found out from another side, and I told her that I would go for my daughters (…) I arrived at 10 at night and the whole family was gathered. Yes, things got tense ”, Garza declared.

“I had already spoken to Karla before and we apologized, fWhat a forgiveness I felt sincere. She told me that if something happened to her, she did not want her children to separate. I’m not an absent dad as they wanted to show, But I told them that my daughters would be with me and that their sons would be at home, “she also assured.

In the interview given for Television Image also stated that There have been agreements between the two parties but that the family of his ex-wife have been closed to fulfill them.

In addition to The current times due to the coronavirus have also made it difficult for them to contact infants, Although he has proposed to meet in open spaces.

By last, He assured that his daughters have been the most damaged with the whole thing since they have been exposed by the media and they will have to live in isolation for a time to avoid teasing and pointing derived from the family scandal.