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The youngest of the Kardashian sisters looks like another woman. Look unrecognizable

Khloé Kardashian.

John Sciulli / .

Khloé Kardashian He shared a photo on Instagram that has all his fans shocked. Especially because either for makeup or filters does not seem to be herself in this image.

Univision fashion critic Jomari Goyso shared the image that Khloé shared on her network, along with another of herself where she looks with the face that everyone recognizes. The differences are shocking, to the point that they appear to be two different women.

Along with the publication, the Spanish spoke about the use of filters, commenting on the following:

“I think filters will destroy our global self-esteem. (I love Khloé and I know her, I have worked with her, so that they do not start inventing or misinterpreting). Today she put the photo on the left and I was surprised … I know that many times people assume operations and many other things, but the most damaging thing is the filters. THAT I USE A THOUSAND TIMES !!!! (Relax). As I have told you before, psychologists call this problem “false expectations”, because it creates a reality that is a lie but people do not know it and when they look at themselves in the mirror they love each other 🤯…. 🤷🏻‍♂️ did you understand me? ”.

To exemplify his comment, Jomari shared an image of himself with filters and another without the application of these. The only difference is that despite the use of filters in his first image, the driver of El Gordo y la Flaca does not look like another man in the face of facial changes.

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