New York —

The new line of transparencies is causing a great sensation among fans of the most controversial Kardashian

Kim Kardashian they are happy and proud of their new collection “SKIMS Summer Mesh ”. For this reason it has posed with almost all the colors of its new line, which has generated a lot of sensation because the design exposes a lot of skin, since it pursues freshness and comfort more, thus giving much transparency to the whole. Which look like silk stockings on the woman’s curves.

The transparencies of this design have allowed fans of Kim Kardashian they can appreciate all the real shape of their breasts. And in one of her latest posts for the brand, the model even showed off the nakedness of her bust by lifting the base of the top on Instagram.

The sixth image of the group of nine postcards she shared in Skims clearly exposes the base of her left breast, thus showing that she is indeed naked under the piece, and that the only thing that does not allow the exposure of her nipples are probably her famous “Boob Tapes”.