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The ball will return to roll in Mexico in a month and a half.

Carlos Cuin / Imago7

The next Mexican soccer tournament already has a start date and will be on July 17, as revealed by Álvaro Navarro, vice president of FC Juárez, at a press conference

The date that the Federation just gave us half an hour ago is that the tournament starts on July 17, It is an official date and it is good news that we have for the fans, for everyone, “said the manager on Friday night.

After the Clausura 2020 tournament was canceled and with the throne vacant, the teams will prepare as best they can to face Opening 2020, since they will only have a month and a half before the ball rolls again, for that reason several will advance the date they had scheduled to return to train, as in the case of the border team, which had planned to return on June 15, but before this news they will cite their players from a week before.

“That part is important for planning, the preseason and what we are going to do, but we already have an idea of ​​when to call the players, instead of June 15 it will be the 8th,” added Navarro.

The security measures in which he will return have yet to be defined. Mexican soccer, it is known that it will be without an audience, but it is also expected that there will be other strict rules, similar to those that have been taken in the Bundesliga and other football circuits that already have action in the world.