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New voters could be a deciding factor in the fate of the November elections

‘Magic’ Johnson bets on the change of the new generation to eradicate racism.

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The Basketball idol Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson joined the list of sports guild personalities who join the national debate in the United States on the subject of racism and police abuse after death George Floyd, the African American citizen who lost his life due to the submission of a police officer in the city of Minneapolis.

In an interview for ABC in Los Angeles, the legendary Lakers player called for all young people who in recent days have taken to the streets in protest at the recurring submission to which the African American community in the United States is subjected, They will also demonstrate at the polls in six months, in which many will be their first presidential elections.

“These young people of all races are showing their power and are letting their voice be heard,” Johnson said during the television interview. “Now they have to do the same in November when the elections come,” he added.

The youth group between 18 and 21 years old, who acquired the right to vote after the 2016 presidential elections, could be a decisive segment in the results of the elections; However, this sector of the population is also usually one of the most abstaining, either due to apathy or disinterest in politics.

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