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The couple is a faithful follower of the Buddha’s philosophy, so in various corners of their house they have their figures

The couple made up of Alexis Ayala and Fernanda López is enjoying the spring heat on the beaches of Acapulco, in Mexico, a very special destination for both of them, since they got married there in August 2014.

Through various videos and photographs, the couple has allowed us to know some details of their cozy apartment that has spectacular views of the beach.


The kitchen of the apartment is made up of a brown cupboard, as well as a small granite bar that serves as a breakfast bar, as it has space for two benches.

Dinning room

The dining room is made up of a black, oval-shaped table that seats eight, as well as a brown furniture, several paintings with works by different artists, and a fan that helps them cope with high temperatures. of the summer.


The room has a pair of black sofas, a single chair, as well as a glass coffee table.

It also has a mirror and various pictures hanging on the wall.


On one side of the living room and kitchen is a small bar. In the upper steps they have various bottles, while in the lower one the image of a buddha.

Main bedroom

The main bedroom is striking for the color of your bed, with green bedding.

It also has a small brown living room, a chocolate-colored chest of drawers, as well as a painting with a painting of the Buddha’s bust and a television.


In addition to serving to contemplate the majesty of the Pacific Ocean, the balcony of his apartment is also used by Fernanda López to exercise.

This space also has a couple of beach sofas, a table, as well as various buddha figures and a fountain.

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