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For the ninth day, in Mexico there were more than 2,000 infections in a single day, in addition to exceeding 400 deaths for the third day in a row

A worker walks through coffins at the Ciudad Neza municipal crematorium.

Sáshenka Gutiérrez / EFE

The Mexican Health authorities reported this Friday of 479 deaths and 2,960 infections of COVID-19 to accumulate 6,989 deaths and 62,527 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

For the ninth day, in Mexico over 2,000 cases were exceeded in a single day, in addition to exceeding 400 deaths for the third consecutive day, according to the technical report presented at a press conference at the National Palace.

The accumulated infections reported this Friday represented an increase of 5% compared to the 59,567 that were held the previous day, he explained. José Luis Alomy, Director of Epidemiology of the Government.

The active part of the coronavirus is made up of 13,347 cases – patients who developed symptoms during the last 14 days – 442 more in the day, which is equivalent to a growth of 6.7% compared to 12,905 the previous day.

There were 6,989 deaths with 479 occurring on the last day, 7.3% more than the 6,510 registered on the last day.

The accumulated suspicious cases have reached 33,801, in addition to 113,742 that have given negative results to their studies of a universe of 210,070 people studied, which results from adding the accumulated with the suspects and the negatives.
Alomía explained that the authorities have reported to date another 814 deaths that are in the process of completing their laboratory studies to determine their cause and to know whether or not the statistics of deaths from this disease are integrated.

The State of Mexico and the Mexican capital are the territorial entities that register the highest number of accumulated cases, active cases and deaths, in addition to the increased occupation of general beds and intensive care, the health authorities reported.

Nationwide, 9,157 beds are currently occupied out of the 23,497 that are available for COVID-19 patients nationwide, with an average occupancy of 39%; intensive care beds for seriously ill patients have a 35% occupancy, explained Alomia.

The Director of Epidemiology highlighted that since the beginning of the epidemic in the country, on February 28, 176,269 tests of the disease have been carried out both in laboratories in the national network and in support and surveillance laboratories.

Alomía confirmed that the Government currently has another 413,452 tests available to be applied throughout the country.

Mexico will conclude on May 30 the mitigation measures established in the healthy distance journey that began in mid-March, after which a gradual return to normality will begin based on the provisions that the country’s health authority will dictate.

The director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) confirmed at the press conference that the head of the institution’s nurses, Fabiana Maribel Zepeda, was discharged from the hospital where she was admitted with coronavirus and her recovery will continue at home.

“Fabiana was graduated from the hospital, we send her all our affection, she was hospitalized for a few days, but she has already left and is recovering. we love her very much ”, indicated the director of the IMSS.