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The America coach assured that the team offered it to several entrepreneurs

The ‘Louse’ fell on the owners.

Álvaro Paulin / Imago7

America’s coach, Miguel Herrera, He was very upset by the imminent disappearance of Monarchs Morelia, franchise that will now move to the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The ‘Piojo’ had a talk with Rubén Omar Romano where he condemned the decision and said that it was all about “anger” on the part of the team’s owners, who also handle Aztec TV, television with which Miguel has had problems.

“Without a doubt and without knowing it, because you know that My relationship with that television station is not good or anything, without a doubt this was an anger, a discussion with I don’t know who. I know from a good source that this team it had been offered to many local entrepreneurs in Morelia and no one agreed to have itHerrera assured.

In the same way, the coach azulcrema regretted the fact that they have not endured the project, since there should have been more support from the managers.

“Maybe, assuming, The support they needed did not come or that important support did not come to keep a team in a place where it did not have great gains or losses, since they are absorbed by the team owner. They know that when they bet on this business, there are supports that help them get out. This is an anger, a nuisance, “said the former Mexico coach.

Herrera also criticized Grupo Salinas for what they have done to the fans that have followed Monarchs Morelia for years and regretted that it will disappear.

“As I have the frying pan by the command I say: ‘I take it with me, it is my team, it is my situation.’ Which is very bad because he plays with the love and hearts of many people; Morelia will disappear for a year, or two, because they say that they are already thinking of playing with 24 teams, something like that, they are talking about enlarging the League, “said Miguel Herrera.