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After taking possession of the incendiary body with bullets, a funeral carriage that was in the place and fled

Armed hitmen, apparently linked to drug trafficking, entered the facilities of the morgue known as Service Medical examiner (Semeph) of the municipality of Iguala, in the state of Warrior in Mexico and, after threatening three workers of the Ministry of Health and an employee of a funeral home, they took away a corpse.

After removing the body from the morgue, the criminals shot and burned down a truck Urvan of the mortuary “Wheel” that was parked outside the installations, informed the leader of Section 36 of the National Union of Health Workers (SNTS), Beatrice Velez Nunez.

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One of the employees of the mortuary He was injured by the shrapnel from the bullets but fortunately he is out of danger.

Vélez Núñez pointed out that at the time the assault occurred there were only three workers unionized in the morgue facilities, who he said, only got a scare.

“I have already told the comrades of the units of the Forensic Medical Service that when armed men arrive they give them the bodies because their life is first, ”said the union leader.

He noted that he spoke to the secretary of Health State, Carlos de la Peña Pintos, to make you aware of the situation.

For their p experts from the Prosecutor’s Office they collected five hammer casings, four of 38 Super caliber and another of 9 millimeters.

The funeral home worker who was injured by the shrapnel from the bullets was taken to a clinic and is out of danger.

The facilities of the attacked morgue are located on the side of the federal highway Equal toChilpancingo near the place known as Ranch of the Cure.

It should be recalled that in November 2018, a group of armed men murdered four men in those same facilities of the Semeph.

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