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Coach Carlos Aranda of the Fieras de San Fernando passed away in the hospital; the circuit will stop two weeks

The coach of the Fieras de San Fernando, Carlos Aranda, became the first fatality by COVID-19 in Nicaraguan baseball, after passing away on Thursday, after being hospitalized for a few days intubated with a respirator.

Aranda, along with the Nicaraguan ball idol, Norman Cardoze and his son, were the first confirmed cases when testing positive in the coronavirus diagnostic test.

Despite his ailments Aranda, 59, had gone to the Masaya stadium, 28 kilometers southeast of Managua, to prepare the players for the next series in which they would face the Boer Indians, the most popular team in the capital and leader of the tournament.

In the template of San Fernando at least nine people have been infected, between players and coaches.

“It is an injustice, an outrage, it is savagery what the sports managers are doing,” said Carlos Aranda Sr., who pointed to the president of the Nicaraguan Superior Baseball Commission (CNBS), Carlos Reyes Sarmiento, to put pressure on the teams and the players to continue in the tournament, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the World Health Organization (WHO), such as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the Organization of American States, have expressed their concern about the situation in Nicaragua, where they have not stopped practicing other sports.

After Aranda’s death, CNBS decided to suspend the tournament for two weeks starting this Friday due to pressure from clubs, players and fans.

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