New York —

Traces of looting in California.


During the plague of looting Over the past few days across the United States, it has been common to see dozens of young people breaking doors and windows to enter stores to rob.

Monday in Northern California a group of young people took the practice of looting to the next level, by using two heavy machinery vehicles to try to loot a store Best Buy.

Video images circulating on social networks show the moment when a forklift was in the vicinity of the Solano Town Mall, Fairfield, is led to the front door of the store and then destroy it.

But it turns out that in addition to the forklift, looters also “hijacked” a crane, with which they continued trying to destroy the entrance to the store.

Fairfield, a city located about 40 miles northeast of San Francisco in Solano County, was severely affected by the looting on Monday night. However, the police were in the aforementioned shopping complex and looters were unable to break into the Best Buy store.

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