New York —

Videos and photos show the crowd walking, even though they have no way out

The protesters belonged to a larger group that had demonstrated in Brooklyn.


The New Yorker Manhattan Bridge was filled with protesters who were trapped, since the city police were waiting for them in both finals.

The people who are on the bridge separated from a larger group they had protested with in Brooklyn, according to CNN. The spinoff attempted to reach Manhattan via the bridge but was detained once the curfew had taken effect.

Some They are now trying to get back to Brooklyn, but there are several police officers waiting on the other side. and they may not be able to achieve their goal. Some of the police they wear the white ties they normally use to stop to the protesters, according to the aforementioned chain.

CNN correspondent Jason Carroll anticipates that the crowd will meet the agents, “regardless of what they decide to do”. “They will meet a large number of agents who are here on the streets tonight,” added the journalist, who considered that the authorities are prepared to make calls.

NBC cameras show how protesters are heading to one of the bridge exits, where police wait.

After moments of tension, the police began to let the peaceful protesters continue to advance to clear the area. With signs in their hands and walking slowly, they were returning to the Brooklyn side, as CNN tells.