New York —

All banknotes were imitation of $ 100, with the same serial number and marked as film

Customs and Border Protection Agents (CBP) discovered more than 2,500 counterfeit bills of $ 100 dollars when they were inspecting a parcel shipment from Shenzhen, China.

Counterfeit banknotes with the face of Benjamin Franklin on the front they had a mark on the back with Chinese characters bright pink.

The seizure was registered on May 13 at CBP’s international express parcel shipment inspection center in the city of Cincinnati.

When the package went through the X-ray machine, the agents detected that it contained what appeared to be bundles of banknotes, so they decided to open it and discovered that it was a contraband shipment of imitation banknotes.

The print was high-resolution, but on plain paper, without being washed or bleached, they all had the same serial number and Chinese characters were inscribed on the reverse side in an area where the original banknotes carried a security hologram.

In total they were counted $ 252,300 fake dollars who were turned to Secret Service for your research.

The fake $ 100 dollar bills with the Chinese legend on the back were destined for the city of Guthrie, in Oklahoma.

Movie tickets

The Chinese characters indicate that it is money “for special use”, a brand that is usually placed on banknotes used in the film industry and in other commercial productions.

This type of imitation banknote is classified as Foreign Writing Notes (inscription tickets abroad), it is also known as Motion Picture Money (film money), which are prohibited by federal law and that entering the country is considered contraband.

The Secret Service warns that these types of imitation banknotes often go unnoticed in commercial transactions quite frequently, so it recommends making sure that they do not have the legend inscribed. “For Motion Picture Use Only” (for movie use only) or that does not have Chinese characters.