New York —

The presenter of “Primer Impacto” opened her heart to share some of her hardest moments

Less than a month after first becoming a mother, Pamela Silva follow enjoying the honeys of making his dream come true next to your little one Ford.

However, in a recent interview for Univisión’s “Sal y Pimienta” program, the presenter of “First impact” revealed some of the main difficulties she faced during her pregnancy, including a horrendous nightmare: “I would come home without my baby, I would see the crib empty and that everything I had prepared was left empty.”

Then, she recalled the hard time it was to find out that she couldn’t have the delivery she had prepared for: “Imagine going psychologically prepared for a natural birth, which later came on and after they told you no, it was an emergency caesarean section. because something is happening to the baby … [le] lowered the pressure, then it is like a nightmare ”.

Fortunately, it was only for a few days that the baby had to stay in the hospital and then come home to receive all the love from his mother.