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Rosie Rivera and her husband, Abel Flores.

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Rosie rivera and Abel Flores They boast of having a stable marriage, however not everything has been good, because on more than one occasion rumors of fights have been heard (there is even a video in which they are seen fighting on the street). However, both have known how to overcome their differences and have come out ahead.

Last year, when Abel participated in the reality show La Voz, the couple revealed that they were on the brink of divorce. This happened in 2015. The reasons were several, but something that had a lot to do with it was the injuries that were left on Rosie since the death of her sister. Jenny.

“We had a very difficult time even since 2013 when my life changed I was very bad, my sister passed away and I I started to get depressed and lose myself and he never left me… There was a lot of forgiveness and a lot of mercy ”, Rosie assured for Telemundo.

For that year Rosie joined the Rica, famous and Latina program, which featured a side of her that had not been seen much, very different from the pastor who shows on her social networks. Right in that production the marriage they showed was shown and it was shown how much Abel loves his wife and that he would be willing to do anything for her.

Rosie has always said that Abel has given himself completely to her, that’s why she tries to support him in any way she can, such as that occasion when she was part of the Team of Alejandra Guzmán.

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