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They say that Danna Paola is her new love, they say that Yatra already forgot about Tini, her ex, but in the face of rumors the Colombian has started singing and does not deny or confirm a single rumor …

Sebastián Yatra.

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Sebastián Yatra He is single and to enjoy his new sentimental state he has given himself up to music and now he is releasing a new song with his friends from the Colombian band Morat. The theme is named “Under the table”, a love song that they had been dreaming about for six years and that, they recognized, they were able to achieve thanks to the fact that confinement emptied their agendas.

The musician published the song on his networks and expressed his admiration for the members of the group, assuring that he likes “the message they carry and the way they make music” very much.

“I hope this is the first of many songs we make together,” he said on Instagram Stories.

The theme, produced by the Colombians too Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres – creators of “Fantasía”, Yatra’s latest album, and hits like “Despacito” – in addition to Juan Pablo Isaza de Morat, tells the beginning of a love story.

The fans of the interpreter of songs like “Un año más” and “TBT” have not stopped noticing the irony that the first song he releases since he announced his breakup with his Argentine colleague Tini Stoessel last weekend is precisely about love.

“We were waiting for a vein cutter”, one fan wrote on Twitter, while others concluded that the message is that it’s ready to start again.

Yatra and Stoessel had a very media relationship for almost a year It seemed to be running smoothly until the coronavirus-mandated quarantine began. In fact, if not for the current contingency, they should be in the middle of filming a series that they would star together for Amazon Prime Video.

However, most of the Yatra and Morat fans agreed to celebrate the theme and the innovative video that accompanied it, placing it at the top of YouTube trends in 10 Latin American countries.

“Once again it is confirmed that good things wait,” wrote another admirer, who assured that the artists had managed to recreate the “magic” they had shown on the occasions when they had met on stage.

The video tells the love story in a simple pictorial animation style, in which colored lines form stories and movements on a white background.

It is the second animated video of a song by Yatra, who appealed to another style within that genre to illustrate the “remix” of “TBT”, which came out two weeks ago.

Yatra also took advantage of this situation to announce on his social networks that “for a few weeks” he had ended his relationship with his manager Roberto Andrade Dirak, who had accompanied him since the beginning of his career.

Rob, a few weeks ago we took different paths. I know that goodbyes are never easy, but I thank you for all the good times we lived together. I will never forget you. I want God to light your way at every step and always take care of your heart and your family. Many successes in all your projects !! Sure, incredible things will come !! ”, wrote the artist accompanying a photo with Andrade.