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The production of the soap opera “I give you life”, were the first to resume activities

After two months of closure due to the pandemic, the doors of Forum 14 of Televisa have reopened.

Uncertainty is still in the corridors, the absence of personnel is felt, although in some parts of the company the human heat was finally reactivated.

“Running!”, “Recording at 5, 4, 3, 2!”, “Action!” … The directions of the stage director flutter again on the set, which yesterday morning received the soap opera team “Te Tey La Vida” to resume recordings, although with a strict healthy distance.

César Évora, Érika Buenfil, Omar Fierro, Ara Saldívar and Angeles Balvanera They were the first actors to have their call at 9:00 in the morning, after weeks of living confined to their homes.

With masks, masks, and constantly cleaning their hands with antibacterial gel, they arrived at their respective dressing rooms, where the makeup team was ready to work.

This is the first production that starts after quarantine begins. I think we are the experiment“He said, laughing, Évora.

“I realize that we have all changed: some are fatter, others skinnier… It is a very nice feeling because we are going back to a project that we are putting a lot of love and dedication ”.

Before starting, the set was sanitized in its entirety.

Unlike the first recordings, the rehearsals were now colder, this because the production maintains a mandatory distance, as stipulated by the authorities.

Incredulous glances, light laughter, tense energy … all of this was part of people’s body language.

I am very sorry that, after so long, I cannot give someone that very Mexican greeting: shake hands, embrace, and then again my hand, sometimes even a kiss, but there is no other … Everyone is taking care a lot of distance, everyone respecting

“Within the forum there is a whole security system that is required to take care of the technical team … I think this pandemic will change the lives of many and at least it will continue until you have a vaccine, but for now you have to keep going, “he reflected. Évora.

Only 40 people make up the team, divided into different areas. As for the call, they try to round up about 14 actors a day. No more.

The current process is one of adaptation: before, more than twenty people observed the monitors and the scenes. Now only the essentials; less than half.

The recordings of the melodrama will continue for the next three weeks, as there are still eight episodes to complete, of the 81 that make up the project.

Parallel to the forum activities, there is a second recording group working on location.

According to the producer Lucero Suarez, the same hygiene and sanitation measures are applied, stipulated in a manual distributed within the company.

We are still missing recordings on location, some closed it because they do not allow us to go. Some houses no longer rent them to us. That has been replaced, scenes were rewritten and replaced“He shared Suarez.

In the case of the kisses given by the actors, they are not real. We will see on the fly if the actor feels comfortable or if it is necessary to make scenes of affection. Maybe you can give love with a look

This is how, honoring the name of the soap opera, the team of “I Give You Life” has given itself completely to forum 14, adapting to its new reality, so that the story continues to be transmitted.

Within Televisa San Ángel facilities there are new rules to comply with:

The corridors of Televisa They are divided by round trip directions to keep healthy distance.

– More than six gel dispensers were placed in the main hall, as well as hand washes near the forums.

– Actors can only remove protective equipment when recording a scene, not in rehearsals.

– The makeup and hairstyle team, made up of 8 people (4 in each area), has 15 more minutes than normal to prepare the actors, who are responsible for their props and costumes.

– It is not allowed to have food outdoors, everything has to be properly covered.

– The forum hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. all workspaces are sanitized three times a day.

– Actors have different call times and no more than 6 histrions are gathered for each scene.