New York —

Lorenzo Mendez has been involved in the midst of controversy for allegedly being unfaithful to Chiquis Rivera. According to various gossip accounts on Instagram, they revealed several photos of a woman who would be the singer’s lover.

The program “Tell me what you know”He managed to locate the girl who appears accompanying Lorenzo. According to the show, her name is Claudia, she has 3 daughters and she is 18 married.

Claudia denies being Lorenzo’s lover and the photos she has by her side is because she ran into him in different places. The girl also denies being a fan but knew Méndez from her work in La Original Banda El Limón.

There is even a photo where Claudia appears next to Lorenzo and Chiquis.

The alleged lover told the Telemundo program that she is extremely affected by the rumors since nothing is true. In the photos that appear with Lorenzo, it is evident that they are not current because the latter is much thinner.

At the end of the report, the presenter of “Suelta la Sopa” reveals that he was able to communicate with Méndez who also denies everything and also confirms that he is not separated from Chiquis.