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Mexican soccer players Norma Palafox and Alondra González are very popular for their performance in the Liga MX Women, their beauty and the great drag they have had on social networks, since they are two of the darlings of fans.

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And if we stop pointing, criticizing, envying, attacking. And if we simply flow and dedicate ourselves to OUR life, to our projects, to our body. Let’s stop throwing so much hate, I invite you to criticize so much, take a day to leave the control of the TV, put your cel aside, stand up from the couch and do it! And you will understand that criticizing is the easiest, but doing it is not so much. Live the hell, live your way, stop trying to get along with society. Listen more than you speak! There’s a reason you have two ears and a mouth … Pipol empathy, a little empathy, each head is a world.

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Because of the similarities they have been compared, since Norma defends the colors of the Chivas, while Alondra was a militant for America, but the players themselves have made it clear that they do not compete with each other.

Lark and Norma have known each other for a long time since González played in his beginnings for the Guadalajara so they shared a dressing room.

Both footballers separated since while Alondra signed with him America, Norma decided to leave football for a moment to participate in the reality show United States Exathlon, although unfortunately he had to leave the program due to the death of his mother in September 2019.

Months later, the player left Coapa’s nest and followed in Palafox’s footsteps by also joining the most recent season of Exathlon, which is detained by the coronavirus pandemic.

Both have combined their career with their life as influencers, Instagram and Tik Tok They are their best allies and delight fans with photos and videos that leave them breathless.

After the confrontations, both Norma and Alondra promised to do something together on social networks so their followers are eager to see this duo that breaks it online.