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Mexico is internationally known for its wonderful gastronomy and without a doubt, tacos are one of its main exponents. Learn about the wonderful history of the popular and delicious “tacos de canasta”

Probably doesn’t exist dish most representative of Mexican culture that the succulent and delicious tacos and it is that in Mexico they are more than a meal, are a tradition that are part of the lifestyle in all the states of the Mexican Republic; you find them everywhere … in street stalls, in markets, in restaurants and they are a classic of the national gastronomy regardless of the region you are in. Of course, thanks to this there are endless stud variants, reflecting the immense culinary culture of Mexico.

Among the most famous are “Basket tacos” that have the peculiarity of being kept in a large basket, which mostly contains 4 types of tacos with different fillings: potato, beans, greaves and adobor, they are always accompanied with homemade sauces among which stand out guacamole, red sauce and the famous pickled chili peppers and they are always the perfect finishing touch.

A little of you history:

Basket tacos They are a Mexican street food, it is normal to find them in the corners and it is very easy to identify them since you will see a large basket mounted on a bicycle (It is the way in which merchants transport their merchandise). However, its origin dates back to the municipality of San Vicente Xiloxochitla in Tlaxcala, a region that is currently known as “The cradle of the basket taco” thanks to it every year they celebrate “The San Vicente Xiloxochitla Taco Fair”, every first sunday of decembere for 12 years.

The basket wad deals with a street dish, simple and satisfying than honors the working class in Mexico, although it is a snack that calls everyone the same and represents a quick alternative to eat without any formality and most economical.

Why are they so delicious?

If you have not had the opportunity to try this Mexican delight, we tell you a little more; the process for making basket tacos is key since it intervenes in their smooth texture what does they practically melt in your mouth. Basket tacos they start to be made the night before with the cooking of the fillings, especially potatoes and beans; the next day very early the stews are finished (there are always 4 variants), later lightly fry the corn tortillas in oil and proceed to fill them, they fold to form the taquitos and they are arranged by type of filling in the basket. They are covered with brown paper and a plastic and a thick cloth is placed on top to keep the heat and “Sweat the tacos.”

In fact the aspect that makes them so unique is precisely the sweat process, which provides its characteristic and soft texturea, a great detail is that the basket is used not only for transport the product for sale; is key to keep them clean and to a proper temperature. Do you dare to prepare them at home?