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Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chávez.

Omar Vega / HUBLOT / .

Talk about Julio César Chávez is to speak of one of the greatest boxing legends not only in Mexico, but worldwide. For this reason, the idol of Ciudad Obregón has received various tributes and next July the National Lottery will celebrate it.

This week, Mauricio Sulaimán revealed in WBC Talks boxing Caesar will appear on a lottery ticket next July, to commemorate the 58th birthday of the Mexican boxer.

“The commemorative lottery ticket for Julio César Chávez, if everything looks good it would be for July, commemorating his birthday, he is one of the great Mexicans ”, declared Sulaimán Saldívar.

Julio César Chávez is considered the best Mexican boxer of all time. In his 25-year career he was champion in the categories Super Feather, Lightweight and Superlight.