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Rob Kenney created his channel “Dad, how do I do it?” because he wanted to share some words of encouragement that he did not have in his youth

“Dad, how do I do it?”, is the name of the YouTube channel of Rob Kenney, a Seattle father of two who shares lessons from how to do some manly things, even when his father abandoned him when he was very young, and which is now gaining popularity on social media.

At 14, Rob’s parents had irreconcilable differences and they divorced amid the pain of their five children. The father got custody of him and his siblings, but a new blow would plague the children’s lives when in October 1978, on her daughter’s ninth birthday, she told them that she did not love them and abandoned them.

At that moment Rob felt disbelief, could not believe such callousness, but together with their brothers, the Kenney boys took care of themselves. After her father left, Kenney’s younger sister Angie moved in with her sister Mary, who was 27 at the time. Her brothers Don, 16, and Joe, 17, moved into an apartment subsidized by her father. Kenney went to live with his older brother Rick and his wife Karen and struggled to get ahead.

Today, this father of two children, He decided to create a video channel where he teaches children in similar situations the lessons that he just missed in his childhood.. Since its launch just over a month ago, already has over 2 million followers.

“I just thought that, if given the chance, I wish I could share some words of encouragement that I wished I had when I was youngerKenney told HuffPost.

In the weekly videos, Kenney conveys his advice in a simple way, “just the facts, ma’am.” There are occasional dad jokes. If you’re unsure about something, you’ll admit it (a hallmark of a good parent), and are quick to remind viewers of other methods of doing something.

In his shaving procedure, he says, “When you’re done, don’t forget to clean the sink or your mother, or whoever uses the bathroom after you, is going to kill you. When you drain that water, it will leave all that just shaved hair off your face and you don’t want people to be mad about it. That was a mistake I made when I was younger! ”

But the love that Kenney puts in each of his videos, is the love that followers share with him as a method of gratitude in the comments, something that undoubtedly fills his soul because the community makes him see that his intentions are well received.

“There are so many comments, I don’t know where to start. I love the community my subscribers are building, and the way they are joining is very inspiring to me. I am just a parent and have little formal education, so I feel ill-equipped to deal with most of this, “Kenney told the newspaper.