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More than 200 people in Northern California have decided to hand over some or all of the money they received

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More than 200 people who received the $ 1,200 check that the federal government is granting as an economic stimulus due to the pandemic decided to donate it to an organization in northern California to help undocumented immigrants that were excluded from this support when the CARES law (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act).

Part of the money received or the entire check has been delivered to NorCal Resist, a community organization that supports immigrant families in need.

One of those charitable souls who donated $ 1,000 dollars the check he received is Jane Dunnington, a resident of the area of Sacrament, who knows firsthand what it is like to live with unemployment deficiencies.

“I was motivated by the need to lend a hand to those who are in difficulty,” he said in an interview on Univision Channel 19 in the state capital.

She said that her husband became ill a long time ago and he was hospitalized for a month, so he was out of work for half a year, during which time they had to resort to the food stamps that the state provides in order to survive.

On the waiting list

In accordance with Giselle Garcia, representative of NorCal Resist, most donors have given the organization part of the money they received, but 28 of them delivered the entire check for $ 1,200.

Thanks to these donations NorCal Resist has raised around $ 130,000 dollars that have been distributed to some 650 immigrant families from the area of Sacrament suffering from the crisis that has unleashed the coronavirus.

However, after the governor Gavin newsom announced the $ 500 aid for undocumented immigrants in California, donations dropped considerably and still have 300 other families on the waiting listGarcía indicated.

“We had to close our waiting list due to lack of funds,” he said. “That is why we are asking the community, those who are in a more privileged position and who are working, that if they can contribute with a donation, do so, even if it is small, and they can have complete confidence that every dollar we receive goes to the community”.

Donations to help undocumented immigrants in times of pandemic through this organization can be made through the NorCal Resist website.