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La Chiquibaby.

Mezcalent / Mezcalent.

Chiqui Baby is one of the presenters of “A new day“From Telemundo that still remain. After the departure of Héctor Sandarti The criticism against her has increased since many would have preferred that the driver stay instead of her.

The company’s decision is unknown and what were the reasons for not continuing its employment relationship with Sandarti. What is known is the opinions of viewers who comment on social networks.

When the morning friend shared a photo of Chiquibaby’s red outfit on Instagram, his look went completely second. Most of the comments turned to the request for Sandarti’s return to the morning.

“It’s not worth it, we want Sandarti,” wrote a follower. “You have already read the comments, they want you out and they are returning to Sandarti,” another admirer added. “Nothing is better than Sandarti if the public asks for it,” another user wrote. “Bring Sandarti and throw out that unhappy, inhuman, unprofessional producer,” it was also read in the comments.