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‘La Reina del Tex-Mex’ moved with Chris Pérez, her then husband, to a house located next to the one where she lived with her parents

The interpreter Selena Quintanilla, whoever was killed on March 31, 1995, was loved by everyone, which is why her followers continue to visit her home 20 years after her death.

The property, which was the last one where ‘La Reina del Tex-Mex’ lived, is located at number 705 la Bloomington street, in the La Molina neighborhood, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The La Molina neighborhood, also known as Mo-Town, was founded in 1954 and since its inception it has been inhabited, mostly, by descendants of Mexicans.

Despite her high levels of crime, Selena chose the popular neighborhood to make her life alongside Chris Perez, her husband and guitarist of the band The dinos, whom he married in 1992.

The house is located next to that of the parents of the interpreter of ‘Forbidden Love’, so they have witnessed the signs of affection that their daughter continues to receive.

Selena’s home is still intact and as she left it, with the exception that two of the digits that formed the number 705 have already fallen off its facade.

In addition to her house still standing, in the La Molina neighborhood there is also a mural with which she is remembered by her fans, who often bring her flowers on the occasion of her mourning anniversaries and other relevant dates.

On the mural, designed by San Singüenza, the legend was written “The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that is.” The text is accompanied by whatever was his signature.

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