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Many US entry points have limited crossing lanes and hours of operation


The immigration authorities issued this Friday a travel alert to remind those who plan to cross the border terrestrial either Mexico or Canada, during this holiday weekend of Memorial day, that the restrictions by the coronavirus In the entry points to the country they are still in force and only the “Essential trips”.

Since the middle of March, when the restrictions due to the pandemic came into force, the flow of people and vehicles on the border with Mexico has been reduced by almost 80%, however recent reports indicate an increase in timeouts.

“The temporary restriction of non-essential travel through the land ports of entry of the United States continues in force,” states the alert from Customs and Border Protection (CBP). “Essential travel and trade continue unhindered.”

These are the allowed reasons to cross the border during the coronavirus crisis

Those who can cross:

US citizens and permanent residents returning to the country.
People who travel for medical reasons.
To attend educational institutions.
To work.
Government officials traveling on public health issues.
Members of emergency departments or health departments to support measures to combat coronavirus.
People involved in cross-border trade, such as cargo truck drivers.
Representatives of delegations of government officials or diplomats.
Members of the Armed Forces.
Wives and children of members of the Armed Forces who return to the country.
Involved in military operations or travel related to the Armed Forces.

Travel alert

Closings and hours

During the week, most of the entry points to the United States, both from Mexico and Canada, have undergone changes in their hours of operation, so that many crossing points will be closed, while others have reduced vehicular and pedestrian access lines. .