New York —

The states continue to relax their measures of social distancing at a time when the number of infected is close to 1.7 million

The White House has pushed to resume economic activity, despite the data.


The United States has exceeded 100,000 deaths from coronavirus on Wednesday, six digits that make the impact of the pandemic in the country even more evident. The number of infected is close to 1.7 million at a time when all 50 states have begun to relax their measures against the spread and four months after the first US case of COVID-19 was confirmed.

The 100,047 deaths and 1,692,786 that Johns Hopkins University registers for the US at three in the afternoon (Pacific time) they are very far from the 37,549 deaths confirmed by the United Kingdom – the next country on the count – and the 391,222 cases in Brazil -the one that continues in number of infections.

Despite the increase in the number of deaths, now apparently more sustained, the White House has repeatedly urged to resume economic activity. President Donald Trump has even opted for the opening of places of worship and has named them “essential”.

The president tweeted on Sunday that “cases, numbers and deaths” were falling across the United States, despite the fact that the data does not evolve in the same way throughout the national territory. While in New York – the American epicenter of the pandemic – there has been a downward trend, the contagion curve of states like California remains stable.