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It was necessary for a whole police command to confront the man who, seeing himself surrounded, made this decision

VIDEO: Narco from La Familia Michoacana shoots his wife and daughter and commits suicide

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A drug dealer you Shooting to its wife and his daughter and then commit suicide when cornered by authorities who cornered him after a persecution and shooting in the municipality of Huehuetoca at State of Mexico, in Mexico.

The shooting that starred in the drug dealer He also left an injured police officer, according to police reports, which explained that it all started when an operation by intelligence agents in the neighborhood Urbi Villas del Rey, sought to arrest the subject identified as IsraelNAlias the Costeño, 25, alleged member of the Cartel of the Michoacan Family (LFM).

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Upon seeing the agents, the suspect barricaded himself in the home and from the inside, the Costeño Shooting against the police for more than half an hour. While on the roofs of other houses, officers shot at the alleged offender’s home.

Despite the fact that it was only a man, a large number of municipal, state and guard National, which caught the attention of the inhabitants, who reported the event via social networks. And despite being a majority, the authorities were unable to contain the situation.

According to the reports, the shooting was held until the agents began a negotiation so that the Costeño be delivered; however, the drug dealer, when he was surrounded, allegedly shot his wife and daughter, and then committed suicide.

In the confrontation that lasted for almost an hour, a command of the police suffered a wound to the left shoulder and, together with the family of the offender, were taken to a nearby hospital.

Inside the house of the drug dealer authorities found marijuana packages, weapons and bullets of different calibers.

Neighbors assure that the subject identified as the Costeño he presumed his relationship with the Cartel of the Michoacan Family and that without hesitation sold drug.

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