New York —

A 12-year-old Italian boy became famous on social media after a video went viral showing his calm when a brown bear was approaching to him in a mountain range in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy.

I never looked him in the eye and he understood that I was not his enemy “He said Alessandro Franzoi in an interview with La Stampa.

Alessandro’s stepfather filmed the scene with his cell phone while encouraging his son to move slowly to get away from the bear following him. In the video you can see the moment when a bear appears behind some bushes and begins to follow the boy, while he advances slowly without losing his calm.

The little boy was on an excursion with his family in the Dolomites, a mountain area in the north of the country, and was looking for some gems to collect. “Alessandro walked a few meters in front of us and at one point we saw him leave the forest and be chased by the bear. Obviously we were scared, but he was calm, “his uncle, Federico told the same Italian media.

“Lanimals and forests are his passion. Read many books, study and dream of making adventures and discoveries, “added the boy’s uncle; at the same time that the little boy said to La Stampa: “I didn’t look him in the eye and the bear understood that he was not his enemy.”

It should be added that the animal in the video is an Apennine brown bear (Ursus arctos marsicanus), a endangered subspecies that has only about 50 specimens so far.