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Volkswagen admitted the error and will investigate how it happened as they do not allow any form of racism.

German automaker Volkswagen is hard-pressed for an Instagram post promoting its Golf cars. The brand admitted that it was racist and insulting.

Volkswagen admitted the mistake and will do an investigation into how it happened as they do not allow any form of racism. The Instagram ad features big light-skinned hands that seem to push and then pull a dark-skinned man away from a new yellow Golf parked on a fairway.

German television noted that the hand could be interpreted as a “white power” gesture, while the letters on the screen briefly explain a racist insult in German.

Juergen Stackmann, member of the VW brand sales and marketing board, and Elke Heitmueller, head of diversity management, used Twitter to apologize.

“We understand public outrage at this. Because we are also horrified. This video is an insult to all the achievements of the civil rights movement. It is an insult to every decent person, “says the statement. “At Volkswagen, we are aware of the historical origins and guilt of our company during the Nazi regime. This is precisely why we are resolutely opposed to all forms of hatred, slander and discrimination. “


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