New York —

It is important to find out what is happening to you and be able to find a way to make you feel better again.

All children are almost born with happiness, curiosity and integrated wit. They innately want to have fun and have fun because in their childhood their role in this world is to discover it.

Playing with almost anything is part of your imagination and your feelings, a situation that allows you to have fun. However when this stops happening, and you start to get bored of anything or very quickly, something strange may be happening.

First, If your child tires quickly of everything, perhaps without saying a word it is because he wants to spend quality time with his parents. Sometimes children can show their discontent first and foremost as a way to show their need to spend more time with the family.

Another point to analyze is when you feel bad emotionally. You are sad or angry for some reason and you need to find out to be able to make yourself feel good again.

One more point has to do when you have too many things. If that’s the case, you won’t enjoy anything in particular because you won’t be able to pay enough attention to what’s in front of you. Nowadays children have too many gifts and do not feel the need to enjoy what they haveIf not, they want more and more material things. It is necessary to fight against this so that children learn to enjoy the moment without thinking about what they do not have, enjoying what they do have.

Finally there is talk of an over stimulation. Having too many stimuli around you is talking about not having the ability to focus on anything in particular. That is why children should have the opportunity to be able to enjoy things without having to have so many over stimulation, especially technological ones.

These are some reasons why a child may feel overwhelmed and tire of everything quickly. It is important to find out what is happening to him and to be able to find a way to make him feel better again, especially so that you can enjoy your surroundings.