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The excesses and her mental health problems have led her to lose more and more the custody percentage

Britney Spears with her sons Sean and Jayden in 2013.

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Since the last years, much has been said that Britney Spears finds himself redeeming himself by showing that their lifestyle is very different compared to what it used to be. In the first decade of the century, the famous princess of pop not only garnered thousands of hits for her talent, but her great fame led her to immerse herself in a hard vicious circle of excesses and mental problems.

Therefore, during 2008 and until last year, Britney Spears He shared with his ex-husband, the dancer Kevin Federline, the custody of his children in equal parts, that is to say by 50%. This resolution was only achieved after a year and a half of legal battles.

However, in that same year she was forced to have regular check-ups to check her sobriety, which avoided at all costs until being entered into rehabilitation, leaving her children in the care of her grandfather, her father, who later would be singled out for mistreating them at that time and many times.

Spears came out shortly after rehab, triumphed on stage with Womanaizer and conquered the world again, but his mental health was still very affected, so he starred in those moments one of the best-known episodes of his career: the time he snuck himself.

This was how the singer lost not only custody of her children, but his own legal guardianship, having to date to depend on any major decision in his life from other persons.

Later managed to recover the 50% that was due to custody, but that would be until the summer of last 2019, when Britney had to be re-admitted to a psychiatric center after almost lose his father to a serious colon problem.

The mental situation of the famous, who did not spend much time in hospital, added to the allegations of abuse that children with the help of their father have filed against grandfather Spears, caused that in September of the same year custody was reduced by up to 30%.

Sean and Jayden, now 13 and 14 years old, They live for a long time ago with their father and their other four brothers, in recent statements they have assured that It is the best thing that could have happened to them.