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Colombian coffee culture is one of the most important activities in society, not in vain does Colombian coffee belong to the list of the best in the world. Know all the benefits for which it is named “high altitude coffee”

If you are a coffee lover you probably know that the Colombian coffee It has great prestige worldwide, of course it influences that they are among the main producers and exporters; although its popularity is due more to the exceptional quality and unbeatable flavor of your coffee. Since the Colombian coffee has a reputation for belonging to the list of the best in the world, its fascinating history is worth delving into and getting to know background factors that you have been given such honors.

Various specialists in the field such as the case of Carlos Osorio Director of Research and Development of Good Coffee, points out that this recognition is due to the union of several important aspects that we will mention below:

Species: At a commercial level, coffee is obtained through two species: the robust and the arabic. Colombian coffee is obtained from pure arabic species and particularly the Colombian is distinguished by having notes of acidity, fruity and floral aroma, which have been part of their worldwide recognition.
Agroclimatological conditions: One of the most important and determining aspects of coffee harvests is due to the volcanic and mountainous soils that exist in Colombia, which are wonderful since they allow having different altitudes and temperatures to cultivate.
National Federation of Coffee Growers: In Colombia, coffee producers have the support of the FNC, a great institution that does not exist anywhere else in the world and characterized by support the coffee culture in various aspects, especially in establishing best agricultural practices and fair trade.

Why is Colombia such a special coffee producer?

The previously mentioned aspects are very important and are complemented by others genius like the following:

Geography: The reality is that Colombia it’s the perfect place to grow coffee, this is because it is a country that it is located near the equator and its majestic mountains can reach up to 2,000 meters above sea level, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta They are part of the highest mountain ranges on the planet and are surrounded by the Andes mountains. That is why its ideal temperate climatewith just the right amount of sunlight makes it perfect for developing beans with great notes.
Cultivation process: Another aspect that we can not fail to mention is its fine manufacturing process. In colombia coffee is grown on slopes, under the shade of the banana trees and plants that protect the coffee plantations and allow the beans to ripen at a slower rate this significantly increases its aromas and flavor. Thanks to this, each grain is harvested by hand and this process allows to distinguish between all types of grains until only the ideals are obtainedThis precision is to be recognized.
Washed: Another of the details he does unique and special All Colombian coffee productions are that they are processed with the wet or washed benefit, which consists of leaving to the point pulped during fermentation; this is done in large ponds with water and for hours, with the aim of detach the mucilage.

How is Colombian coffee?

It is important to mention that the Colombian coffee It is arabic type, which is distinguished for being soft and delicate; although Colombian coffees they are characteristic for having a lot of body, what happens is that according to the region in which it was harvested you get coffees with personalities different among which its nutty, sweet, chocolate and even floral and fruit notes, almost reaching the tropical.

The microclimates that are lived in Colombia allow it to be grown exceptionally, mainly varieties are used Typica and Bourbon following a process of traditional washing and they are usually obtained from one to two harvests a year.