The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela yesterday ordered the state National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) to occupy the company Directv and restore the signal of this subscription television company, whose service was canceled this week by sanctions imposed by States. United to the Latin American country.

The ruling “orders Conatel to take immediate possession of all movable and immovable property, commercial offices, administrative headquarters, operations and transmission center, antennas and any other equipment or facility intended to provide the subscription service managed by said company”, says a note from the TSJ.

Likewise, it is ordered “to continue immediately with the provision of subscription television service” and for this, the brief continues, the commission “will have the assistance of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.”

The decision was signed by the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber, the highest instance of the Supreme, and contemplates the appointment of an Ad-Hoc Administrative Board for Directv Venezuela, which will be chaired by its director general, Jorge Márquez Monsalve.

In addition, the highest court has prohibited members of the company’s board of directors in Venezuela from leaving the country, as well as the sale and encumbrance of their assets, and “the immobilization of any type of bank account or financial instrument of which be holders ”.

The new administrative board, according to the TSJ, must “immediately verify the possible collection situation that may have been generated since the cessation of service.”

In this sense, the suspension of payments for services not provided by the company is also ordered, until the continuity of the service materializes.

The US company AT&T assured in a statement on Tuesday that “the sanctions of the United States Government to Venezuela have prohibited the transmission of the Globovisión and PDVSA channels, which are required under the license of Directv to provide the pay television service In Venezuela”.

As a consequence, the company indicates that it is “impossible to comply with the legal requirements of the two countries” and therefore it is forced to cease Directv’s operations in Venezuela.

According to AT&T, the decision – which has immediate effect – was made by the group’s board in the United States and had no prior participation or knowledge of the Directv team in Venezuela.