FCC maintains its dividend and estimates that it can recover from the impact of the virus in the second part of the year

Repsol is buying back 1.5 billion in subordinated debt and will issue new securities instead. You are issuing perpetual debt.

Amadeus. Repsol downgrades the rating to BBB

Iberdrola attacks the French market with 4,000 million according to Expansión

Prosegur sells the security business in France

Masmovil. Blackrock increases stake to 6.5%

Telefónica Germany hires Ericsson for its 5-day ‘core’ network for 5 days

According to Expansión the income of hotel companies will fall 50% due to the virus

Today is an FCC meeting

Naturgy Group distributes 2019 dividend of € 0.01 gross per share

At 9:15 PMI of services in Spain