The extraordinary purchases of food, fruits and vegetables In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, they caused an increase of up to 30 percent in some food products, said producers and trade representatives. Read Did they increase the price of the omelette? This says Profeco

The Union of Fruit, Vegetable, Grocery and related Traders of the Central de Abasto (CEDA) said that since the first instruction to close the schools, emergency shopping what raised consumer prices in markets and self-service stores.

Some products in the basic basket have increased in price. Photo: Reforma.

Only in the last week, the kilo of egg wholesale, one of the products with the highest demand, rose from 31 to 36 pesos, 16 percent more, with what exceeded 40 pesos per kilo in some points of the CDMX and metropolitan area.

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Many people were alerted, made urgent or emergency purchases such as eggs, gels, soaps and toilet paper, “said Pedro Torres, president of the Union.

Last weekend, emergency purchases turned to fruits and vegetables.
According to the price list of products that are sold at retail in the CEDA, from Friday to Monday of this week the kilo of zucchini increased 7 percent from 31.33 to 33.53 weights and kilo of poblano pepper rose 8.4 percent from 32.63 to 35.38 pesos.

The Pope increased 6.6 percent from 24.64 to 26.29 pesos per kilo and cucumber 7.27 percent when rising from 28.45 to 30.52 pesos. Green tomato and lemon with seed had the highest increases with 30.92 and 19 percent, in each case.

Torres said prices are expected to stabilize this week, as there is no shortage.

Last week was an atypical rise due to the fact that everyone wanted to have things in the house and all the locals wanted to stock up.

“But the trucks continue to arrive at the supply center, we continue to supply normally so costs will stabilize this week,” he assured.

Every day around 45 thousand tons of food enter the CEDA. Until yesterday, some CDMX markets offered the kilo of egg retail at 40 pesos, he lemon at 36, green tomato at 40 and avocado up to 70 pesos, according to a tour carried out by REFORMA.

Meanwhile, the Unit of the Indigenous and Peasant Force (UFIC), reported that in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, intermediaries hide corn in warehouses, which has made grain more expensive by up to 25 percent.

For them, their leader, former senator Isidro Pedraza Chávez, demanded the intervention of the President, the Secretariats of Economy, Agriculture and Profeco to stop the abuse.

He said that tortilla producers note an increase of between 2 and 4 pesos in the more than 110 thousand tortilla shops in the country and that the kilo can reach 20 pesos. With information César Martínez.


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