Nightlife has been left out of the de-escalation plans of the Pedro Sánchez Government. A situation that forces discotheques and cocktail bars to continue with the blind lowered during phase 3, according to the order published this Saturday in the Official State Gazette (BOE), despite the fact that the plan approved by the Council of Ministers on April 28 provided that they could start to do so with limited capacity.

Like a jug of cold water. Thus has fallen this new rule that establishes that nightclubs and nightclubs remain closed after almost 80 days without income. A scenario that brings into play the closure of 2,500 companies in the Community of Madrid and the future of more than 21,000 workers, mostly young.

Sánchez turns bankruptcy into nightlife: “The nightlife sector is undoubtedly the most affected by the impact of the coronavirus on the economy,” he says. Dionysus Lara, President of Noche Madrid, and criticizes that “the situation worsens after the announcement of the Government, since there will be businesses that will not raise the blind again.”

Ayuso promotes nightlife

While, Isabel Díaz Ayuso he distances himself from Sánchez and takes out the heavy artillery to save the sector from bankruptcy. The President of the Community of Madrid gives the ‘green light’ to the installation of terraces in leisure venues with the aim of contributing to the gradual recovery of the economic activity of leisure spaces.

A sector that only in the Community of Madrid represents 1.6% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) regional with an average of 3,500 million euros of turnover per year.

The schedules?

In addition, the installation of terraces in entertainment venues is one of the recommendations of the Guide to risk reduction measures against coronavirus in nightlife prepared by the Institute of Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE). The schedules? The same as those that enjoy bars and restaurants, in such a way that the activity of the terrace will not be equated with that of the operation of the premises.

The flexibility measures for the installation of terraces affect, not only leisure venues, but also take into account theaters, conference halls or amusement parks. An example of the will and commitment to protect the most vulnerable sectors in the current context of the crisis of coronavirus.

Measures to avoid positives

“The government announcement came when we had already closed the measurements that the nightlife sector and ICTE have designed for phase 3 it was going to implement at its opening, ”he denounces.

The measures they have planned to avoid contagion are the following: «The reduction of capacity to a third of the authorized, the use of face masks on the dance floors, delimit the perimeter of the dance floor and grid it so that clients can maintain interpersonal distance ».

In addition, in the bathrooms they will be forced to wash their hands both when entering and when leaving, the use of reserved rooms that contribute to the sectorialization of the spaces will be promoted, the use of organic straws and social distancing will be monitored.