Quaker players will gather at their regular season stadium | Mark Brown / .

Major league teams are progressively taking steps to gather their players to play the 2020 regular season amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Jon Heyman of the MLB Network, the Philadelphia Phillies plan to hold their spring training at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, a venue that has all the tools necessary to focus their roster.

MLB teams have the option to train in their home cities or at their usual spring facilities in Florida and Arizona.

The hope is that formal trainings can start sometime in early or mid-June and that the regular season can start in early July.

This week the Miami Marlins were the first organization to start practice. On Friday, it was also reported that the Arizona Jingle Bells opened the doors of their local stadium to begin their activities.

The commissioner, Rob Manfred has been very blunt in that each of the organizations must ensure the safety of their players, complying with the rules of social distancing, in addition to working on the proposed protocol for when the clashes between the novenas touch.