A Miami woman faked the kidnapping of her son after trying to drown him twice, authorities said Saturday. They added that there are witnesses who rescued the boy from a channel the first time and that the second assassination attempt ended with the boy’s death.

Patricia Ripley, 45, faces charges of premeditated murder and was incarcerated without bond, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle reported. The jail records did not include the names of any attorneys who could speak for Ripley.

The boy, Alejandro Ripley, 9, was autistic and did not speak. His body was found floating in a canal on a golf course on Friday.

In an interview on Saturday, Fernández Rundle said Ripley apparently tried to drown his son an hour earlier on a different channel, but nearby residents heard screams and rescued him. Fernández Rundle stressed that because the boy was not speaking, he was unable to tell his rescuers that his mother tried to kill him. So, the prosecutor added, Ripley took her son to another channel.

“Unfortunately it took him to the second channel and there was nobody there,” said Fernández Rundle in an interview with The Associated Press. “He tried it once and people rescued him. He was alive. He could have been alive. She had the intention, according to the facts of the case, to kill him. ”

The Miami-Dade Police Department reported that the mother first claimed that she was ambushed Thursday night by two black men who were looking for drugs and that her cell phone and tablet were stolen, in addition to kidnapping her son, before fleeing. . Authorities then issued an Amber Alert in the area south of Miami.

The boy’s body was removed from the canal early Friday morning as police continued to question his mother.

An arrest affidavit says she provided “conflicting statements” and was eventually faced with witness statements and videos showing her first attempt to push the boy to the channel.

The document says that she retracted her version and admitted that she took the boy to another, stating that “he is going to be in a better place.”