Mexico City. Today Friday March 27, 2020 the dollar listed on $ 23.58 pesos at the beginning of the day, according to the platform. During the day yesterday, the Mexican peso regained ground in the exchange rate for the third time after a weak data from the US labor market that made the dollar retreat, and that the United States Senate endorsed a multimillion-dollar package of stimuli to cope with the impact of coronavirus.

The Mexican peso remains highly volatile, but it is appreciated (…) explained by a general decline in the dollar after the weak number of unemployment claims “from the United States, CI Banco said in a report. The number of Americans who asked for benefits unemployment rose to a record high of more than 3 million last week, as stringent measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic slowed the country, . says.

Exchange rate for sale in the interbank market (spot) today, Thursday, March 26:
09.00 hrs .: 23.5530 p / d
13.30 hrs .: 23.1820 p / dhttps: //

– Banco de México (@Banxico)
           March 26, 2020

Meanwhile, Edward Moya, a market analyst at OANDA, said: “Given that the US workforce is approximately 160 million, it should come as no surprise if total unemployment claims reach 16 million requirements in the coming weeks “quotes ..

The United States Senate on Wednesday endorsed a $ 2 trillion stimulus package aimed at helping unemployed citizens and industries affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks of mexicoAs published by various financial institutions, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 25.50 in Scotiabank while the lowest price for purchase is at $ 20.00 in Scotiabank and $ 21.00 in Affirme.

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Regarding euro, it is quoted at $ 25.89 pesos, for $ 28.89 pesos from the pound sterling overall average.



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