Following the death of African-American citizen George Floyd, several cities in the United States have been engulfed in chaos due to protests, curfews and looting. Several stores have been robbed and among these points of sale are the Apple Store.

Protests in the United States

During the last days, more than 30 cities in the United States have had various protests from their citizens due to the death of an African American man named George Floyd who died after the officer who arrested you will place your knee on your neck for several minutes.

These protests seeking freedom of expression and going against racism have also unleashed vandalism with other groups of people who have taken advantage of these events to rob and loot some shops and sideboards on the streets.

Theft from the Apple Store

Apple stores have been one of the most targeted targets by opportunists who use protests as the perfect setting to commit crimes and stealing products from shelves and counters . This is demonstrated by Zane Sparling of The Portland Tribune on his twitter.

The raids on Apple stores have caused the properties to be damaged. The large windows surrounding the stores have been smashed, the interiors are painted and ruined. Thieves go in and out stealing Apple products unaware that even many of these they are totally useless because they have additional security that leaves them disabled.

Faced with the death of George Floyd and the protests, Tim Cook spoke about the case referring to creating a better world and how Apple supports groups against racial injustice. In addition, it reported that se had decided to close stores that could be violated to maintain the safety of your employees.

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