A 13-year-old British boy died on Monday after being tested positive for the new coronavirus, the hospital where he died and his family said on Tuesday that he had no underlying pathology.

He is the youngest known victim of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. The youngest victim identified in a European country is a 12-year-old girl who died in Belgium.

The boy died on Monday after being tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, the day after his admission to King’s College Hospital in London, according to a statement from his family, “more than devastated” by the tragedy.

“Unfortunately, a 13-year-old boy who tested positive for Covid-19 has died,” a hospital spokesperson said, extending condolences to the family.

According to his family, the boy named Ismail “started to have symptoms and difficulty breathing and was admitted to King’s College Hospital”.

“He was placed on respiratory support and placed in an artificial coma and unfortunately died yesterday (Monday) morning. To our knowledge, he had no underlying health problems,” said his family.

If “we know it is less likely for children to suffer from severe forms of Covid-19 compared to adults, this case highlights how important it is that we take all possible precautions to reduce the spread of infection, “said Dr. Nathalie MacDermott, a teacher at King’s College.

“It is important that a medical examiner determine if a post-mortem examination is necessary to determine the exact cause of death,” she said.

It is “essential to undertake research to determine why certain deaths occur outside the groups likely to succumb to the infection”, elderly or with preexisting health problems, because it could exist a “genetic susceptibility under- underlying how the immune system interacts with the virus. “

The United Kingdom deplored 381 additional deaths on Tuesday in a day, an unprecedented figure since the start of the epidemic, which killed 1,789 people in the country.


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