Seat has decided to cancel its mobility strategy in Spain. According to sources close to the workers, and confirmed by the Spanish brand of cars, to OKDIARIO, the car-sharing projects (‘carsharing’) that were to come to light in Barcelona are canceled, also the service of shared motorcycles that was being prepared in that same city, and where the Ada Colau city council made a regulation that made profitability extremely difficult.

But also, by canceling your shares with Respite, Seat also leaves the incipient businesses of scooters, electric cars in Madrid and many others. In the capital of Spain, Seat operated with its investee Respiro, which had been one of the big bets of the previous CEO of the Martorell brand, Luca de Meo, who will soon enter with full powers as the new CEO of Renault.

According to employees, the company announced that it was going to liquidate Respiro, and that this would be the first liquidation in Seat’s history. However, official Seat sources reject this point, assuring that they have not decided what to do with the company, which has 28 employees. Sources of the same assure that they were communicated verbatim that on July 15 they will be fired and that there is no possibility of relocation in their staff. The brand owned by the Volkswagen group denies that any decision is made.

“To lose money”

The decision is surprising, but not so surprising, considering that Luca de Meo, the company’s former president, already claimed in September 2018 that the profitability of the shared car was complicated. In February of that year, he acquired Respiro, a startup to enter the car-sharing business, but the Italian manager thought that it was actually a dilapidated business.

In a meeting with the Luca De Meo press at the Seat facilities in Martorell (Barcelona), the executive assured that most car rental companies are in deficit: «Look at the accounts of all of them, they lose money, because At the moment there are too many expenses and the demand is not enough. Users who use carsharing also have their own vehicle, so this system is not serving to remove vehicles from city streets. ” Therefore, “until the cars move on their own and are engineered, this business is not going to be profitable,” which can take more than a decade to occur.