Sebastián Yatra and Morat premiere “Bajo la mesa”, their first collaboration together, born in the midst of the confinement experienced worldwide by COVID-19.

For some time, fans have been asking for one of the most anticipated collaborations, that of Morat and Sebastian Yatra. Now this dream come true, and these great artists are united with this very personal song called “Under the table.”

The piece has been produced by Juan Pablo Isaza (Morat), and producers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres. The video clip is an animation, co-directed by Simón and Martín (Morat), who propose a love story that happens in an art gallery.

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With the delivery of each of their songs, Morat shows us that they are the most important pop band on the global music scene and that they have a sound that identifies them, and that has become recognizable and essential for their thousands of followers.

In the last year the band has toured throughout America and Spain, bringing its powerful direct voice to many corners of the world where we have seen them. The repertoire of his ‘Balas Perdidas Tour’ has gathered thousands of people in front of stages in massive concerts, festivals, auditoriums, performances in galas and media events. And his fans have enjoyed all his successes in numerous corners of the planet, because they have personally been in charge of creating and working intensely to bring their fans songs that one after another become successful and join to be part of, already vast repertoire, of Colombians. And “Bajo la Mesa” arrives to join, to be part of that set of special themes that are part of the collective memory, this time also adding the talent and voice of another Colombian, Sebastián Yatra.

Sebastián Yatra and Morat confess that they have maintained more contact during this quarantine that we have to live through, in part because the agendas of both sides have been impossible for a long period of time. They have known each other for more than six years and are very grateful that their paths have crossed at many times to lead to this “Under the table” that has united them forever. They have shared the scene reciprocally on some occasions and consider themselves an example to follow each other.

The production of “Bajo la mesa” has been developed in a different way than the band and producers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres. They usually do. On this occasion the guitars have been marked more without losing the real sound of Morat, and Yatra’s entry into the theme made them have to put all the most defined instruments giving it a choir in the purest vallenato style and maintaining cohesion. Quite an experience.

No one expected that this video clip would have to be made during a pandemic, so it was time to do something different, it was time to play with animation. It was time to enter this fantastic world and took advantage of the lyrics of the song to enter its magic and tell a story. Each of the components chose the pictorial style they like best to travel through them, and judging by the result, animation has been not only a solution, but also an advantage.

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