We live in a world where Instagram, TikTok and short videos reign, we have to accept it. And there are times that to upload a story to these applications we want a background song to play that we have in Apple Music or Spotify, however when you start recording a video the music is automatically cut on the iPhone, making it impossible for the song to be heard in the background.

However today we bring you a trick available in the latest versions of iOS, verified that it also works in iOS 14, which will will allow you to record a video with any song you want to play in the background. Of course, it will not sound perfect since it will be the sound that the microphones of the iPhone pick up, but the result is more than decent.

How to record a video on iPhone with a background song

It doesn’t matter which music app you use, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, with all the same thing happens, as soon as you start recording a video the music pauses. This is something that is done by Apple itself to prevent the noise of the music from distorting the video, however there is a secret trick that allows you to avoid it.

The only problem with this trick is that only works with iPhone compatible with QuickTakeThat is, the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and iPhone SE 2020. Although there is good news, with iOS 14 QuickTake it also reaches the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

To activate this trick and be able to put background music on a video recorded from the iPhone you must follow these steps:

Find and play a song. In your favorite app that allows music to play in the background, find the song you want to play and start playing it. It is best if you stop it just before the part you want to play in the video, and turn up the volume.
Open the camera app. We went to the iPhone camera app to record the video, but we did not enter the Video mode, we stayed in the Photo mode.
We use QuickTake. Now we hold down the shoot button and slide to the right, QuickTake allows us to make a video quickly.
Hit play. Now swipe down in Control Center and tap Play to play the music. Swipe up to return to the camera, which will have continued recording the video.
Record with music. Now you just have to record the video with the background music.

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Once you finish the video, it is best to go to Photos, select the video and click Edit. Swiping on the bottom bar you can cut the first piece of the video in which the song did not play What have you put.

As you can see it’s about a fairly simple trick that will allow us to record videos with our background music from the iPhone. Just remember that you should not use the video mode of the camera, since the music will stop, you have to use the QuickTake function.