Without a doubt, Sherlyn’s fans eagerly awaited her son’s birth, and to everyone’s happiness, last weekend André came into the world, as his happy mother announced.

The actress let her fans know that she would introduce them and thanked everyone for watching her and the baby’s birth.

“I thank you for being there for not letting us go for your prayers and I am going to see our baby in the nursery and in a little while when I am back in the room I will introduce him. I love you my loves, nice Sunday ”, said the artist.

However, it was Sherlyn’s sister, Silvia Criselle who has posted the first photo of the little one on social networks, and in it you can see the tender, delicate, pinkish and very small hand of André clinging to one of the fingers of the hand of his mother, an image that speaks for itself, revealing the deep bond that exists between mother and son.

The proud aunt accompanied this image beauty with a beautiful message that envelops the immense love she already feels for her sister’s son.

“I will love you until the last day of my existence … welcome nephew, proud aunt, baby, infinite love, my baby,” wrote Silvia, who, as is well known, has an unalterable, solid and adorable relationship with the actress.

It should be noted that the happy new mom has always kept her fans up to date from the first moment she revealed that she was pregnant, thanks to an assisted reproduction procedure, even when she said that there were some complications in childbirth.

“My beautiful loves, thanks for all the messages. Yesterday André arrived, it was a day of a bit of a lot of chaos, which is why I did not upload things, but bless God, we have a spectacular team, all his doctors are wonderful, everything went very well, I will tell you, there was a substitute for there, but everything is perfectly fine … “, said the Mexican, who gave birth last Saturday, May 30 at 12:30 pm, according to various sources.

Likewise, the actress’s manager told People en Español that: “Mom and son are in perfect condition.”

Sherlyn before birth also let her know her baby’s name.

“ANDRÉ. His name is André. The man who came to change everything and turned my world into a place of rainbows, colorful sunsets, rain of light and shine, I love you, dear son, ”he exclaimed through networks to highlight the role that the minor will play in his life from now on. . “God knows in how many places I will talk to you about you on my knees, today my beloved André is very close to seeing you, my dear,” said the charming mother.