The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has insisted this Sunday on the problems in which many Intensive Care Units (ICU), and has stressed that the new containment measures decreed by the Government, which will send home two weeks to all non-essential activity workers, have been adopted to prevent their collapse. He explained that there are six communities with ICUs “on the edge” and another three reaching it, but he did not want to reveal what they are.

“We would do them a disservice,” he explained at the now-usual press conference that stars every day in Moncloa. “It is better that the governments of those communities, given that they have the detailed information and all the data, whatever they do,” said Simón, who pointed out that he was not going to reveal which are those regions because “It is working intensely so that these, or those that are close to collapse, stop being so”.

As he said, “it would be risky to give specific details about the autonomous communities to the limit of their ICU capacity,” and he took the opportunity to indicate that “there are mechanisms that allow resources to pass from one region to another.”

It has also stressed that “mobility has been drastically reduced, and that favors control of the pandemic.” “Government measures try to reduce new cases and give the ICU room“And it is that this Saturday he assured that will be saturated “in a week”.

“It is true that it is very likely that the epidemic is evolving correctly, it is encouraging data that we have close to 20% of cases discharged (18.6%), but the number of people in the ICU continues to increase and several communities are on the edge , and others are approaching, “he insisted.

For this reason he stated that “we must be aware of the importance of be strict in the application of containment measures, those that have already been approved and new ones. “” If we manage to lower the number of new infected with coronavirusWe will lower the risk of saturation of the ICUs, “he predicted. The objective now is” to ensure that these limits are not exceeded. “

And about the personal protective equipment (PPE)Simón assured that “in recent weeks there has been a constant replenishment, given the market situation and competitiveness.” “We have not been able to make the large orders that we would like, but they are being replenished. A little fair, but we’re making up for it on time“, it is finished.


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